I've never understood the remedial logic that believes savagely murdering innocents in the name of a religious figure brings honor to said religious figure. Omnipotent figures fear no cartoon. Omnipotent figures fear no free speech. This isn't so much about some cartoons as much as it is about the forced, whole-hearted acceptance of Islamist principles. Join us or die, is the subtext here. I was quite lit up for tonight's show and ad-libbed quite a bit because the subject and continuing developments called for it. It's hard to not be genuinely, passionately outraged about innocent life extinguished. It's hard to not be outraged at the hypocrisy of so many: the first people to cry “separation of church and state!” are also the first ones to surrender to Islamist censorship. If your faith is shaken by a cartoon, seek mental help. If your religious figure is offended by a cartoon, find a stronger religious figure. Murdering people because you don't get the concept of “sticks and stones” is a mindset that belongs in the dark ages, not in modern era.

So have people finally had enough? Is the pen still mightier than the sword? Time will tell. We shall see if the support in the streets translates to a newfound intolerance of subjugation. Some cowards in the meda, eager to splash Sony's emails all over their pages, are too chicken to publish a cartoon. USA Today published a poorly-written defense of terrorism from a nutball Islamist who doesn't mention his predilection for non-sharia compliant, love of porn and and non-halal booze. Other media self-censored. If fear of barbarism alters your response, then the terrorists have defeated you.

My monologue below.