A bit ago I participated in a photo shoot and interview for the March cover story of 573 Magazine. It was a pleasure working with the talented Thomas Smugala, the photographer who also wrote the story. The meatspace issue is on sale today; you can check out the story and photos here. Thanks to Thomas and 573. #NewAmericanGoth

An excerpt:

Politics, at one point, was a boys’ club. Feminism changed this, but outlived its usefulness and has devolved into The Matriarchy, to where simply complimenting on Sofia Vegara’s obviously great figure onstage at an awards show is considered “sexist.” Third wave feminism is a joke and not a measurement of a woman’s strength. We have more choices than men. We can manipulate men. Men may be the hunter gatherers, but women are predators. When I hear American modern feminist writers lament the weakness of their lot, I roll my eyes. You get “free” birth control, subsidized abortions, the benefit of the doubt, the custody of the kids, no one is forcing you under a burka or mutilating your genitals, so get some perspective.


These practiced skills gave me the confidence I needed to feel secure — true empowerment. I’ve always appreciated the Second Amendment but when you have to rely on it for your personal security, it makes that appreciation all the more intensely. This is why I take it as a personal offense those proposals to disarm me and render me a defenseless statistic. It’s an affront, an infringement upon my liberty. Unlike Mike Bloomberg’s professional lobbyist group, I don’t have the luxury of outsourcing my gun to hired security. Look, I Groupon. I’ll carry my own gun, thanks.

The full embed of the magazine and photoshoot is below. Our feature starts on page 44. You can also go directly to 573's website here. Enjoy!

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