I endorse rarely, sparingly, and trust voters to inform themselves and not rely on surrogate opinion, as is their liberty. It should be taken seriously and not outsourced. That said, certain times I feel so strongly about a particular race that I'm compelled to publicly state my thought on it. These races below fall into that exception. Missouri's 1st Congressional District: Martin Baker Martin Baker I'm pleased to endorse my friend and fellow grassroots conservative Martin D Baker for congress for Missouri's 1st congressional district. Martin was one of the first district residents to speak against the lack of representation and opportunity for 1st district voters. I know he would fight tirelessly as a public servant to bring about real change. Please consider him for my home city tomorrow. Florida's 9th Congressional District: Jorge Bonilla Jorge Bonilla I was introduced to Jorge Bonilla by our mutual friend and conservative citizen journalist, Javier Manjarres. Since that time I've known him to be a devoted family man and stalwart grassroots fighter unafraid to take on Florida's notorious Jeb Bush-dominated establishment. (It's no surprise that the same Bush machine that took out Allen West is floating a primary candidate to stop Bonilla.) We need more fearless, constitutional conservatives in elected office. Please consider Jorge Bonilla as that public servant and send him to take on Alan Grayson in the general. St. Charles County Associate Circuit Judge Division 8: Andrew A. Westerfeld Andrew Westerfeld Shenanigans brought my attention to this race in St. Charles, Missouri, and emails from listeners of my flagship station at KFTK. Andrew Westerfeld is a longtime conservative Republican and as far removed from an activist judge as one can get in this primary choice. Another primary entrant in this race is Erin Burlison, a lifelong, very recently identified “Republican” who seemingly thrived on nepotism (where she was identified by the paper as a Democrat) and got in trouble when Burlison falsely claimed a number of Republican endorsements. Democrat dynasties are attempting to game a genuine conservative out of contention, please consider carefully. Missouri's 98th District: Shamed Dogan (read here).