I have a few friends who prefer Donald Trump as their preferred candidate. They're normal and don't respond to a difference of opinion with hysterics. I prefer (and have endorsed) Ted Cruz as I believe that he's the most consistent conservative who can win. My supporting him doesn't mean I hate the other candidates. However, when you say anything like this on the Internet, Trump's most zealous fans, Trumpkins (not to be confused with his supporters who seem perfectly fine—minority?) come unhinged. I have collected a small few of their responses below. Most of them are newly created Twitter accounts; I have Facebook comments, emails, and some graphic Photoshopped rape-fetish images Trumpkins have created (that I am not posting here). I'll add to this post.


Note, that was the actual headline there.

(Yes. When I was a kid. Remember, he ran twice and served for two terms. I was 17 during his reelection. And “worked” implies I was paid. I was a campaign volunteer, a fact that people only know because I told them years ago and included it in my last book.)

(It was a joke, and my ancestry is American Indian, Irish, and Scandinavian.)