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A family of five who operates a bakery in Oregon was sued by a same sex couple for declining to bake them a wedding cake. Rachel and Laurel Bowman-Cryer sued Aaron and Melissa Klein of Sweet Cakes Bakery, forcing it to close its doors and won damages which will bankrupt the family. The Bowman-Cryers claimed they felt “mentally raped” in a list of 88 symptoms of emotional distress at being refused a cake:

In January 2015, an investigation by the bureau found the Kleins guilty of violating the state’s public accommodation law by denying Rachel and Laurel full and equal access to their bakery, which the state considers a place of public accommodation.

The Civil Rights Division of the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries is responsible for enforcing the state’s public accommodation law, and the judge who issued today’s proposed order works for the bureau.

In order to reach $135,000, Rachel and Laurel submitted a long list of alleged physical, emotional and mental damages they claim to have experienced as a result of the Kleins’ unlawful conduct.

One of the women, whose name was redacted to protect her privacy, listed 88 symptoms as grounds for compensation. The other, whose name was also redacted, listed 90.

Examples of symptoms include “acute loss of confidence,” “doubt,” “excessive sleep,” “felt mentally raped, dirty and shameful,” “high blood pressure,” “impaired digestion,” “loss of appetite,” “migraine headaches,” “pale and sick at home after work,” “resumption of smoking habit,” “shock” “stunned,” “surprise,” “uncertainty,” “weight gain” and “worry.”

Because the family has already shuttered the business, the fines must be paid from them personally.

“[T]he forum concludes that $75,000 and $60,000, are appropriate awards to compensate [the same-sex couple] for the emotional suffering they experienced,” wrote Alan McCullough, administrative law judge for Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and Industries in his proposed order.

Goodbye to college and food, kids! These ladies must be paid for their “mental rape” over cake.

Please consider donating to the Sweet Cakes GoFundMe account here (see below).

*GoFundMe has taken down the Sweet Cakes fundraiser (bakers can't refuse a cake, so GoFundMe shouldn't be allowed to refuse their service either, right?). Thankfully, Samaritan's Purse has stepped in to not only raise money for the bakery, but anyone suffering Christian persecution. DONATE HERE.

GoFundMe replied to this listener, who had his wedding cake made by Sweet Cakes:

Hi Dana,

I'm from the People's Republic of Oregon and have been following this case. I heard that there there was a GoFundMe campaign for the Kleins after the judge ruled against them to the tune of $135,000.00. I donated to the campaign and was following it all day until I got the message:

Campaign Not Found

We're sorry, but the campaign URL you entered cannot be found.

I contacted the site to see what happened and I got this reply:

Support (GoFundMe Customer Happiness) Today at 11:35 PM


Michael Phegley

##- Please type your reply above this line -##

Thank you for writing to us about this campaign.

After careful review by our team, we have found the “Support Sweet Cakes By Melissa” campaign to be in violation of our Terms and Conditions and have removed this campaign. The money raised thus far will still be made available for withdrawal.

You may review copy of our Terms and Conditions here: https://www.gofundme.com/terms


The GoFundMe Team

What terms and conditions? Christian is a condition?

It is alleged that Sweet Cakes's competitor had the fundraiser shut down. The competitor bragged on her Facebook page: