In today’s veto session, the Missouri Legislature failed to override Governor Jay Nixon’s veto of HB 253. Whether lawmakers fell victim to misleading graphics or simply caved to external pressures is yet to be seen. Whatever the reason, fifteen Missouri Republicans broke ranks and sided with Governor Nixon – and against a tax cut for Missouri citizens.

You can reach those fifteen GOP legislators for further comment:

Paul Fitzwater- Mo. 144

Sue Entlicher- Mo 133

Dennis Fowler-  Mo 151

Lyndall Fraker- Mo 137

Elaine Gannon- Mo 115

Kent Hampton- Mo 163

Jeff Messenger- Mo 130

Donna Pfautsch- Mo 201

Lyle Rowland- Mo 155

Don Phillips- Mo 062

Craig Redmon Mo 001

Mike Thomson Mo 004

David Wood Mo 058

Lynn Morris Mo 140

Nate Walker Mo 003

The veto session is, regrettably, over. Governor Nixon’s veto of HB 253 stands for now. But you can still contact these Missouri legislators and make your voice heard. Remind them that just as we as citizens have to learn that elections have consequences, they as elected officials need to learn that their votes have consequences. And for these fifteen lawmakers, those consequences may include primary challenges.