Well-known Lansing hot dog vendor Clint Tarver found himself in the middle of the melee yesterday when rioting union protesters destroyed his catering equipment and resources he uses to make his living. I spoke with Tarver today on my program:

“It was terrible,” Tarver said of yesterday. “I lost two tables, all my utensils, all my catering equipment, they smashed my buns, my coolers.” Tarver said that the union protesters assumed he was with AFP because he was in close proximity to their tent. Even though he repeatedly told them that he was not, it didn’t stop the union protesters from destroying his property as he stood by and watched helplessly.

Tarver confirmed what other outlets have reported, that union protesters called him racial slurs and he explains that he just stood there and took it. Tarver said that Republican Michigan lawmaker Joe Hune is paying to replace all of his lost equipment and supplies.

What amazed me most about this story was Tarver’s attitude. He explained during the beginning of our conversation that he’s a Christian and his faith is evident in his reaction. If only we could all be half the man he is. What an example.


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*UPDATE: I purposefully didn’t ask Tarver what his politics were or where he stood because it doesn’t matter. He was wronged. And to this day I still don’t know or care what Kenneth Gladney’s politics are as it also doesn’t matter.