Progressives want desperately to divert attention away from McCaskill’s rubberstamp record on Obama’s destructive economic policies, so they like to talk a lot about Todd Akin’s “six second” dumb remark for which he apologized. Interestingly, McCaskill has never apologized for her several “six seconds” of equally alarming remarks.

McCaskill on Obama

Barack Obama, is, he, for the first time I think, as a black leader in America, has come to the American people not as a victim, but rather as a leader.

As ABC asked:

The first black leader to not come to the American people as a victim?


Martin Luther King Jr.?

Malcolm X?

Doug Wilder?

Do I even need to make this list?

So according to Sen. McCaskill, there have been no black leaders before Obama and all the ones you think were leaders were victims.

McCaskill’s own vitriolic rhetoric

Considering how offensive she finds such “rhetoric,” I’m surprised that she urged progressives to go angry mob against Republicans. McCaskill was angry because she feels that the fruits of your labor first belongs to the government and then the government decides how much of your fruits you are allowed to keep.

McCaskill vs Voters

I was at this very townhall. The exchange below took place after McCaskill lectured voters on how they had no idea what they were talking about regarding Obamacare, and then made excuses as to why she herself supported it without first reading it.

Claire McCaskill thinks that the senate passed a budget (which it hasn’t since President Obama has been in office):

McCaskill thinks it’s a “Fox News talking point” that a budget hasn’t been passed. Except Politifact says that this accusation is 100% true. How is our Missouri Senator unaware of her job responsibilities?

McCaskill on government and student loans

Without the federal government, students would never be able to go to college. Private scholarships and academic scholarships earned through hard work are nonexistent!

McCaskill and micro-unions

The Senator runs from questioning on the issue.

You gotta give that poor fellow some credit for trying.

Claire McCaskill and the “Air Claire” scandal”

McCaskill vs Coal

Who could forget this:

“I’m no fan of coal, I hate coal.”

Yikes, considering Missouri is a coal state.

What will McCaskill say next?

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