Bloomberg's groups have problems keeping their rhetoric straight. This time Moms Demand member Kelly Burke was caught lying during her testimony against Texas campus carry and open carry bills:

During testimony in front of the Texas Senate State Affairs Committee on Feb 12, 2015, Kelly Burke—president of the Texas chapter of anti-civil rights group Moms Demand—claimed that Texas CHL crime stats are “completely locked down” and not available to the public. That is a bold-faced lie, as the stats are available from the Texas DPS website.

She then proceeded to label claims that CHL holders are responsible and law-abiding as “anecdotal and conjecture”. That is another lie, as the publicly available DPS stats show that Texas CHL holders are even less likely to commit crimes than Texas peace officers (let alone the general population).

For more info, see “Concealed Carry Permit Holders Across the United States”, Page 7, “How law-abiding are permit holders?”

As I covered in my book, Hands Off My Gun, it's “anecdotal and conjecture” to claim that CHL holders aren't law-abiding and it's an outright lie to claim that crime statistics aren't availabe for CHL because they are right here. Moms Demand's inability to use a browser isn't substitute for conspiratorial suppression of statistics. In fact, when concealed carry permits increase, occurences of crime decrease. The Crime Prevention Research Center has covered this extensively also.

Reminder of who this umbrella group is:

Will there be a retraction from Bloomberg's Moms Demand over yet another false claim?