What Pastor Rodney Francis Should Tell His Flock

Ridiculousness in the church is a pet peeve as wolves in shepherd’s clothing contributed to my falling away from the church into my early adulthood (it was Godly people living Godly lives and good shepherds who brought me back). Because of this, I had to roll my eyes at this latest, from a church in my downtown hometown of St. Louis:

Pastor Rodney Francis of the Washington Tabernacle Baptist Church says children and their parents will be able to bring fake guns, swords, and other violent toys to the church this summer, where they can trade them for something more “wholesome.”

If Rodney Francis wants to help kids, perhaps he could preach to his flock about high abortion-as-birth-control rates and the perils of voting for policies which imperil not just the black, but the American family of which we are all members.

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