Wednesday Morning Quick Ten

Wednesday Morning Quick Ten

- David Axelrod: “I didn't know about Hillary's private email”

Except ...
- The Chamber of Commerce unsuccessfully tried to smear Mike Flynn.

- Now ICE making accomodations for transgender illegal immigrants.

- Macy's dumps Trump over his immigration remarks. People still shop at Macy's?

- ISIS is planning Independence Day attacks, but as per ususal, the admin is focused on who can take a leak where.

- After throwing shade at the world over man-made global warming and income redistribution in his encyclical, the red Pope hosts an anti-capitalist crusader.

- Law enforcement says last night's fire at Mt. Zion church wasn't arson.

- Jim Carrey shocked to learn what support of big government lands gets you.

- Girl Scouts is now People Scouts.

- Federal Reserve Vice Chairman says real unemployment closer to 42.9%.

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