VP of Border Patrol Council Denies Trumka Influence Over Trump Visit

VP of Border Patrol Council Denies Trumka Influence Over Trump Visit

Dana just spoke with the VP and spokesperson for National Border Patrol Council, Shawn Moran about reports that AFLCIO had barred them from meeting with Donald Trump at the border to discuss illegal border crossings. Dana asked if there was some sort of power struggle between the AFLCIO and the border patrol union. Mr. Moran quickly pointed out how false those stories were and why they decided to not facilitate the Trump border tour:

“I know it was reported that uh, AFLCIO has come down on us. I, I've been a union representative for 17 yrs, the last six at the national level and I've never met with anybody from the AFLCIO, let alone Richard Trumka.”

“They do not tell us what to do, let alone the AFLCIO, we operate independently. The same goes in this case.”

“We are a very conservative union… that being said we have to work on both sides of the aisle.”

“We recieved far mor complaints from our members about the comments that were made about Senator McCain than we did in support of this uh, trip.”

“In this case the rhetoric and fallout was going to be more damaging to our efforts to protect border patrol agents than any good that would have come from this vist.”

“Our number one priority is taking care of our border patrol agents that are out there every day… That's more important than one local getting time with Donald Trump.”

Dana went on to talk about her experinece seeing the border and the problem of the public not seeing the stresses and lack of funding and resources our border patrol agents face. In light of those needs she asked if they would be open for a Trump visit in the future if he appealed to them and reached out again. Moran answered:

“You know, that's a decision that would be made uh, with our board and you know, untill that uh, untill he reaches out to us, I can't say one way or the other what we would do.”

Dana finished the interview by asking if they would invite all the candidates, both sides to come down to see the border and Moran answered:

“It's one that we would be interested in having.”

“This is was never meant to be construed as an endorsement of any candidate.”

“I think if somebody really wants to learn about the border and what border patrol agents go through, uh, you know we can set up a tour and we can make it happen. We don't need all the uh, surroundings that go with it. This seems to have gotten out of control.”

They ended the interview by reaserting that the AFLCIO or Trumka hadn't forced their hand at the border, with Mr. Moran noting that the Border Patrol union has come out against the AFLCIO on illegal immigration issues in the past. The full interview is embeded below.

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VP of Border Patrol Council Denies Trumka Influence Over Trump Visit

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