Union Protesters Racially Slur Black Conservative

Clint Tarver’s (whose politics we don’t know) crime apparently was being black while selling hot dogs too close to conservatives. Kenneth Gladney’s (whose politics we again don’t know) was being black while selling buttons and t-shirts outside of a town hall. Stacy Swimp’s crime seems to be his failure to recognize that black Americans can only be Democrats and pro-union.

Stacy reports:

I was surrounded, at one point, with union terrorists, at every side, as they yelled affectionate comments to me such as:

“You are a token!”

“How much they paying you, Boy!”

“Martin L. King would spit in your face!”

“You are a shame to your race!”

“How does it feel to be rich?!”

The media joined in the attack of Gladney by trying to discredit his character and legitimize his attack. They’re completely ignoring Tarver and Swimp. Disgraceful.

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