Tuesday Morning Quick Ten

Tuesday Morning Quick Ten

Every morning I'm going to post a curated list of top stories, beginning today. Also: Watch for an email list. You'll be able to sign up soon to receive news and opinion in your inbox.

- Woman interprets problems in her relationship to mean that we need a national policy to prevent them. From a keyboard pschy perspective, he's just not that into her but feels obligated because a child is involved.

- SCOTUS doesn't care who votes or how many times. Officially.

- Maybe if churches such as this one focused on saving souls instead of politics, they wouldn't have to bend with the winds to keep people in the pews.

Great read:

those churches — like the United Churches of Christ and the Presbyterian Church (USA) — that abandoned biblical orthodoxy decades ago, in the name of cultural relevance and “inclusion.” Some are declining so precipitously that they may cease to exist within a generation.

- Chris Christie? Don't see it happening.

- If Leftism has reached its peak, does that mean a decline will follow?

- $65k for a Chelsea Clinton speech.

- As Greece crumbles financially, worries over availability of basic goods increase.

- The Ku Klux Klan want to rally in Charleston to remind America that inbreeding still exists.

- Obama to make law about overtime pay from the Executive Desk.

- Lewinsky and Gore together in the VIP at Cannes? That could have been awkward.

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