The Subtle Insult Of Trump’s Time Cover

The Subtle Insult Of Trump’s Time Cover

Time declared President-Elect Donald Trump as it's “person of the year,” and released its annual cover to commemorate it. Of course, it seems that the photographer couldn't resist a subtle jab at the future Commander-in-Chief in its staging. Check it:

It's a Louis XV style-chair, upholstered in what appears to be silk, with gold roped trim along the edges. What is one thing that the progressive media has always attacked is Trump's wealth. Progressives despise nouveau riche, which is how they define Trump. They claim that his wealth is an fabrication.

Now look at the chair.

The back of the chair is threadbare. The gold trim is coming off of the back and has completely come undone under the edge of the right arm. They have him turning around, a smug expression of victory on his face as if he's conducting business from this chair and briefly pauses his conversation to throw shade at the media interrupting him for a magazine cover. Whatever party is in front of him likely cannot see the worn chair back or the undone trim. This is a flea market chair, fancy for its breed but old and falling apart. Something someone of smaller means might put into their home to convey more means than actually exists. It's a subtle slam.

I'm sure the photographer and photography director felt good about this clever editorializing, but if we point it out they'll accuse us of overthinking it.

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The Subtle Insult Of Trump’s Time Cover

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