The St. Louis Post Dispatch Fudges Numbers For Anti-Gun Narrative

The St. Louis Post Dispatch Fudges Numbers For Anti-Gun Narrative

You'd think with as often as this talking point has been debunked that progressive keyboard advocates would stop incorporating it into their local columns and blogs. Not the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the local daily with a dwindling circulation in Missouri. Their latest volley: “gun deaths outpace vehicle deaths.” They lift from the far left Violence Policy Center for their argument:

Referring to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data, the Washington-based organization says 33,636 gun deaths were reported nationwide in 2013, or a rate of 10.64 for every 100,000 people; motor vehicle deaths totaled 35,612, or a rate of 11.27.

Actually, CDC's own website shows that 21,175 of these deaths were self-inflicted. It's the practice of the anti-gun lobby to conflate suicides with homicide so as to fear monger about firearms. Unmanipulated numbers do nothing for their agenda. The author declined to make that important distinction.

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