The show before “the change”

Holy hell if there’s one thing I’m tired of hearing it’s “CHAAAAAAANGE!” Why is it that no one screams “INITIATIVE!” Too many Ts? I dunno.

On deck tonight: because Bush’s graceful farewell was totally overshadowed by the loud, boisterous partying going on by Lincoln’s memorial and the giant, gas-expelling anus that is Chris Matthews’ mouth, I’m going to discuss it a bit tonight.

Also, I wrote a piece earlier this week about the soaring costs of Obamaugural; oh NOW finally the AP is all “OK, maybe it’s a weeeeeee bit excessive.” Right. But then they’re sure to cut to Obama’s flak to defend that accusation. The answer is ridiculous; I’ll be getting into their serious awesome reasoning on air.

Also Cool Points and much more.

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