The show before “the change”

Posted on January 19 2009 in Uncategorized

Holy hell if there’s one thing I’m tired of hearing it’s “CHAAAAAAANGE!” Why is it that no one screams “INITIATIVE!” Too many Ts? I dunno.

On deck tonight: because Bush’s graceful farewell was totally overshadowed by the loud, boisterous partying going on by Lincoln’s memorial and the giant, gas-expelling anus that is Chris Matthews’ mouth, I’m going to discuss it a bit tonight.

Also, I wrote a piece earlier this week about the soaring costs of Obamaugural; oh NOW finally the AP is all “OK, maybe it’s a weeeeeee bit excessive.” Right. But then they’re sure to cut to Obama’s flak to defend that accusation. The answer is ridiculous; I’ll be getting into their serious awesome reasoning on air.

Also Cool Points and much more.

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