“The Dana Show” Scores Big On DAR.fm

This from Radio World:

Conservative commentator Dana Loesch’s “The Dana Show” is only broadcast on KFTK 97.1 FM in St. Louis, Missouri and WIBC 93.1 FM in Indianapolis, Indiana. Neither are big markets compared to New York and Los Angeles — and The Dana Show’s two station distribution pales against Rush Limbaugh’s 600-plus stations. Nevertheless, Dana Loesch ranks 18 on DAR.fm with 2,034 plays over 30 days. Sportscaster Tony Kornheiser is known for his strong opinions, which are aired exclusively on WTEM(AM) and its FM translators in the Washington area. Yet Kornheiser has won the number 28 spot at DAR.fm with 2,094 plays in 30 days.

“These are people who don’t have the same exposure and promotion backing them as Limbaugh, Beck and Maddow, yet people are listening to them on DAR.fm,” Robertson said. “This means that Loesch and Kornheiser are creating a buzz that reaches beyond their broadcast base, both through their online activities and word-of-mouth.”

For radio broadcasters seeking new talent, popular non-network hosts are a natural choice for syndication and network distribution. The plays being scored by Loesch and Kornheiser on DAR.fm indicate that they would do well if exposed to a wider audience.

Thanks to Radio World for the mention.

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