The Constitution Is Punk Rock: A GBTV Peek

Thanks to the folks at for their hospitality again tonight as I subbed for Glenn. Today’s topic: taking the culture back to its truly punk rock roots starting with deference to the original punk rock anthem, the Constitution.

You can get a 14 day free trial at and see the entire episode. Enjoy the monologue below —here’s the discussion with Brandon Darby and Misfit Politics’s Brandon Morse.

Here’s a lesson for conservative artists, too: as Dez Dickerson told me (he played guitar for Prince), be judged on the merit of your work, not because of your ideology. Make your art beyond reproach. Going out and buying crappy art from someone just because they are a conservative is as disingenuous as what Hollywood is doing now. It’s not conservative to expect other conservatives to like your work because you are also a conservative. It’s hypocritical to feel this way because then you’re telling progressives to not judge you because of your politics while simultaneously asking conservatives to judge you because of your politics.

All the stuff I mentioned above? Rocks already. That they’re also conservatives is icing on the cake. It’s a progressive mentality to think you’re owed something. We are conservatives. We rage against the society that tells us everyone gets a trophy for participating. No they don’t. Some people are just bad. Some are really, really good. And that’s OK.

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