The Battle For Helm’s Deep

This is one of my favorite scenes from cinema: the pivotal battle of Helm’s Deep. Had man lost this battle the war for Middle Earth would have ended before it began. Man thought he stood alone, but two allies came at precisely the right time. Man was outnumbered. Out-armed. The weather was miserable. Yet they persevered. They had to.

In a sense, I feel like tomorrow the battle of Helm’s Deep begins. So begins the last ditch effort by numerous campaigns to push the needle to the right or left. It is at this point where we focus and swaying any stragglers on the fence.

“Ride out with me,” said Aragorn. “Let this be the hour when we draw swords together.”

Let this be the hour when you commit your morning, your afternoon, your evening to phonebank on behalf of a candidate or go door-to-door. Let this be the hour where you approach that one friend you have who is on the fence and talk to them about the issues. Let this be the hour you give all you have to right the course, to bring the country back to its foundation of limited government and individual liberty. Let this be the hour you make your last effort. America depends on it.

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