Target Asks Bloomberg Anti-Gun Lobbyists To Leave Store

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Bullying customers as they enter to shop isn’t a great strategy (my emphasis).

These moms were hoping to ask Target customers to sign a petition demanding change, but the store manager asked the group to leave.

Jamie Addams, a member of Moms Demand Action, said that although they were asked to leave, their fight is not over. 

“That’s slightly frustrating to know that whoever allowed that to happen that a gun rally took place, but we were armed with clipboards and children and they asked us to leave,” she said. 

“Armed with children?” They’re humans, not protest props. I’m sure they’d rather have spent their summer day swimming or playing, not lobbying for Bloomberg. This isn’t the first time that Bloomberg’s group has been asked to leave after targeting customers: Moms Demand was previously asked to leave a Chipotle and Staples headquarters.

Relatedly, I shopped at Target today to pick up a few things for our Independence Day celebrations. I’m glad to shop in a store that has the #gunsense to respect this mom’s Second Amendment right.

h/t @MarjeMarjelamar 

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