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Democrats Condone Weiner Campaign Attack On Female Intern

Earlier when asked about former representative-turned-mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz excused the matter as a “personal struggle” and declined to demand that he leave office. Relatedly, Sally Kohn has a piece suggesting that women at the top … Continue reading

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Thought: The War On Women

The face of the tea party is female and has been predominately female-driven for some time. Considering this make-up, I consider the IRS’s persecution of tea party groups to be an all out declaration of war on women. Will Sandra … Continue reading

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Perry Calls Out Hickenlooper On CO Gun Law Hoodwink

Revealing Politics spoke to Gov. Rick Perry about Colorado’s assault on the Second Amendment civil rights. Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper was expected to sign the legislation on Friday but did not. The law is a virtual ban of all firearms in … Continue reading

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Democrats Play Checkers With VAWA

Republicans offered up an alternative to the Democrats’ VAWA hackjob, namely stripping pork and adding protections so that grant money wouldn’t be abused. Democrats of course, have rejected it. Top Senate Democrats excoriated the competing House Republican version of the Violence Against … Continue reading

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On Jeff Roorda

Earlier today our news director, Jason Church, tipped me off about one of the more ridiculous pieces of legislation ever drafted, the “Thanksgiving Protection Act” from Missouri Democratic State Rep. Jeff Roorda. Roorda believes that the government should have the … Continue reading

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Claire McCaskill’s New Ally: Noted Women’s Champ Larry Flynt

Larry Flynt of Hustler and Photoshopping-phalluses-on-women’s-faces fame has reportedly taken out a full page ad in an upcoming issue of the St. Louis daily to attack GOP senate nominee Todd Akin. Flynt, who once called Justice Sandra Day O’Connor a … Continue reading

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