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It Isn’t About A Clown: Missouri’s History Of Attacking Dissent

Missouri has a history of persecuting its residents for disagreement with Barack Obama. Clowngate isn’t the first assault against free speech. Let’s review. 1) During the 2008 elections St. Louis prosecutors and sheriffs formed the “Obama Truth Squad.” Prosecutors and … Continue reading

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St. Louis City Treasurer Bullies Constituents, Says Those Who Disagree With Obama Are “Racists”

An elected official whose salary comes from public funds. Would you like to kindly object to a city administrator behaving in such a clearly prejudiced and unprofessional manner? Call: (314) 622-4700, email. Perhaps also call the Mayor’s office and ask what … Continue reading

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After Silence On Decades Of Mismanagement, Local NAACP Exploits School Issue

Ugh. Adolphus Pruitt, head of the St. Louis NAACP, has been silent over the crumbling of my city’s schools but now after their latest problems are making national headlines, Pruitt sees an opportunity for press. Pruitt, if you recall, was … Continue reading

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On The Cardinals And The Cross In The Pitcher’s Mound

A lot of people have sent this story asking for comment. I addressed it today on air but will do so again, here. The story: In recent weeks, the grounds crew had carved a cross and a No. 6 (in … Continue reading

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St. Louis Police Chief Wants Drones In St. Louis

St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson wrote to the Federal Aviation Administration as a first step request for drones in St. Louis. Dotson wants to pay for drone use with taxpayer dollars and donations. Privacy advocates object: “This is a … Continue reading

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Regional CPAC 2013: ST. LOUIS

Just announced: American Conservative Union Announces CPAC St. Louis America’s Future: The Next Generation of Conservatives New Challenges, Timeless Principles WASHINGTON, D.C. –American Conservative Union (ACU) Chairman Al Cardenas today announced that the legendary Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is … Continue reading

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