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Got Hosurance?

If you want to know what the administration thinks of women, here is a pretty good indication: The administration talks to women about health care policy in the same way a stereotypical car salesman approaches women about cars: lighted vanity … Continue reading

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Tonight On Hannity

Tonight we discussed the disastrous rollout of Obamacare and where to place the blame. Democrat strategist Steve McMahon took issue with my example about BJC health systems being excluded from Obamacare exchanges in St. Louis. Perhaps McMahon should pay attention … Continue reading

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Obama Negotiates…Sort of

The government has shutdown before. And every time, the President has negotiated. Every shutdown, every President. Except this one. Let’s take a second and try to get a handle on the negotiation situation… Obama on negotiation2 video courtesy of @BailofRights

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Sen. Roy Blunt Talks Defunding Obamacare*UPDATED

I spoke with the Senator a bit ago on my program. Note: the vote taken today is different from cloture on Saturday (now scheduled for Friday), which would ultimately give Reid the 51, not 60, he needs to fund Obamacare. … Continue reading

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From Tonight On Hannity

Tonight’s topic was Sen. Cruz’s ongoing quasi-filibuster to defund Obamacare. Video via Steven Laboe.

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St. Louis Daily Jumps The Shark On GOP And Obamacare

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch editorial board is the professional equivalent of an early aughts LiveJournal community. Given this context, it’s understandable how they thought their latest jab at the GOP over Obamacare made any sense. Most likely authored by Tony … Continue reading

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