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Catching Up With NRA News

I caught up with my friend Cameron Gray at CPAC St. Louis to talk 2A and my forthcoming book, Defenseless.

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MO Bill Would Allow NRA To Teach Gun Safety In Elementary Schools

More education, more safety: Missouri first-graders could see an addition to their curriculum under a bill given first-round approval in the Missouri Senate.   The measure endorsed Tuesday would give school districts the option to teach a National Rifle Association-sponsored gun safety … Continue reading

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Media’s Anti-Second Amendment Narrative Spirals Out Of Control

Despite the best effort of anti-Second Amendment propagandists masquerading in the press behind bylines, the public isn’t moved: Gallup shows their efforts are a mega fail. No one is interested in limiting rights of the law-abiding because of what the criminals … Continue reading

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Refuting The Progressive Argument Of The Anachronistic Second Amendment *UPDATED

Many anti-Second Amendment advocates use the silly argument that the Founding Fathers’ intent is anachronistic since they couldn’t envision greater weapons capability beyond muskets in their time. Really? This is easily disproven simply noting the evolution of firearm technology during … Continue reading

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Still Think The NRA Is The “New KKK?”

During the Reconstruction era Democrats, the same political party which spawned the KKK, worked to deprive black Americans of essential rights, the Second Amendment among them, through various codes. It’s easier to oppress an unarmed demographic, was the reasoning. Fast-forward … Continue reading

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Catching Up With NRA News At CPAC Colorado

I had the pleasure of catching up with Cameron Gray (in person finally) at CPAC Colorado for NRA News.

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