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MO GOP Nixes Another Attempt At Medicaid Expansion

Remember that Missourians have twice voted against any¬†implementation of Obamacare by sweeping majorities. MO Rep. Jay Barnes has never gotten that message and keeps trying to run it up the flag pole. Kudos to Senate Republicans for knowing better: The … Continue reading

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Missouri House To Investigate DOR, DHS, Backdoor Gun Registration

As I first told you earlier this week, the Department of Revenue has been working with the Department of Homeland Security in violation of several Missouri state statutes by implementing backdoor gun registration. Now the Missouri House is taking action … Continue reading

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Will Missouri Republican Lawmakers Stand Against Voters And Implement Obamacare?

Going solely on the remarks of Missouri State Rep. Jay Barnes, that answer is yes. Yesterday I promised to assist in the primarying of any Republican lawmaker who refused to stand with the people who have twice voted against Obamacare. … Continue reading

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