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Talkers’s Heavy Hundred

Well this is certainly an honor. Landing #33 on the list. A nod to the #DLRS crew our new syndicate, Radio America, and the flagship. Read more here.

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Tonight On Hannity

Tonight Leslie Marshall and I batted around the big ball of lady hate that is MSNBC, particularly Martin Bashir and other of the network’s progressive commentators. Enjoy, via Steven Laboe:

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Tonight On Hannity

Tonight we discussed the disastrous rollout of Obamacare and where to place the blame. Democrat strategist Steve McMahon took issue with my example about BJC health systems being excluded from Obamacare exchanges in St. Louis. Perhaps McMahon should pay attention … Continue reading

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Tonight On Hannity Live

Video, courtesy of Steven Laboe, of our shut down discussion. I’m sure Mark Hannah and I would get along in person but tonight I just wasn’t having any of the “steamrolled-by-a-strategist-again,” thus the unintentional curtness. Enjoy.

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Catching Up With NRA News

I caught up with my friend Cameron Gray at CPAC St. Louis to talk 2A and my forthcoming book, Defenseless.

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New Book “Defenseless” Takes Aim At Gun Control, Released Next Year

I’m proud and excited to announce, along with Center Street, that my first book, “Defenseless,” will publish next year. The details: Media Contact: Shanon Stowe, Publicity Director 615-371-7784; shanon.stowe@hbgusa.com FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 26, 2013 CENTER STREET TO PUBLISH DEFENSELESS … Continue reading

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