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California Redefines “Assault Weapon,” Bans Them

The Scientific Theory holds that you fit the theory to the facts. It’s applied backwards in the world of gun control: you modify or omit the facts to fit the theory. Case in point: California recently redefined what it thinks an … Continue reading

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Tonight On Hannity

We discuss the controversial legislation passed by California lawmakers that would allow students of either sex, depending in gender identity, to use the same restrooms, locker rooms, and play on the same sports teams. Video courtesy Steven Laboe:

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Insurance Premiums For Single Women Double In CA

War on women much? … many Americans face substantial increases in their health insurance premiums. Much of the debate has focused on young men, the “bros” who will bear the brunt of Obamacare’s rate hikes. But in California, women and … Continue reading

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On Hannity Tonight: The Assault On Ammo

Tonight we talked about how the proposed gun laws across the nation would have done absolutely nothing to prevent Newtown, or any massacre for that matter. This is the only video published at the moment.

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Daily Reveille

- Baller: City shuts down nativity display after progressive group feigned offense. Man brings portable one to taunt the politically correct. – Harry Reid’s response to every GOP plan that rolls through the senate. – Union members react in a … Continue reading

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