Student Punished For Saying “Bless You” After Sneeze In School

Student Punished For Saying “Bless You” After Sneeze In School

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About 5 minutes ago one of my very good blogger friends shared that a family member of hers was sent to in school suspension for saying ‘Bless You’ in a high school class today. Bless you. As in someone sneezed and she said “Bless You.” I was so shocked about this situation that I asked Kendra to reach out to me and she did. Here are her words on what happened today: A girl sitting right next me sneezed in class. I said “Bless You!” My teacher, Mrs. Kindle, asked “Who said that?” I said “me.” She said “Why did you say that?” I said “Because it is courtesy.” She said “Says who?” I said “Says my pastor.” She said “Well we don’t say that in my class.”

I asked her why it was a big deal to her. She yelled at me and said “We will not have Godly speaking in my class!” That is when I stood up and said “My pastor said I have a constitutional right -1st amendment freedom of speech.” She said “Not in my class you don’t.”

I said “I will defend my religion.” She said “You will not in my class because I trump everyone.” Then another student stepped in and said “You don’t over trump God.” So she sent me to the office and the assistants principal said “if I didn’t want to respect my teachers rules then maybe My pastor should teach me because my freedom or speech and religion does not work at their school.

Then they sent me to ISS (in school suspension). After I left the class room all my class mates stood up and defended me the teacher had to call assistants principal to control the class. If you are interested this was today at Dyercounty High school In Newbern, TN and Kendra is happy to talk to news about it before they try to silence her.

Kendra Turner, Facebook This wouldn't be the first time this has happened. A teacher may have dominion over a classroom, but faith is word and action. Christians don't simply stop being Christians when they leave services on Sunday. Sad that this is how the school year began for this particular student.

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