St. Louis City GOP Condemns City Treasurer’s Racial Tweet

Yesterday St. Louis City Treasurer argued with residents defending her Tweet that dissent is “racist” as related to Clowngate. State Republicans were silent—except for the St. Louis City GOP, who released this statement this morning:


Chairman Irwin calls out Tishaura Jones over twitter rant

St. Louis, MO- On Sunday afternoon, Tishaura Jones took to Twitter to proclaim that “Since 2008, racism has been masked under the guise of ‘anti-Obama sentiment.’”  The tweet has generated significant controversy among St. Louis residents and others across the state of Missouri.  In response, Jesse Irwin, Chairman of the Saint Louis City Republican Party released the following statement:

“Treasurer Jones should be ashamed of herself.  Thousands of residents of the city of Saint Louis have spoken out about the disastrous policies of the Obama administration.  To baselessly label these concerned citizens as racists is highly offensive, unprofessional, and childish.  The People deserve an apology.”

So far, no one in city hall has taken any action over Jones’s offensive Tweet and Jones has not apologized.


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