St. Charles Police, Highway Patrol Arrest Overpass Protesters

A few of you sent me this video, published to Youtube today, of the weekend overpass protests, this one in St. Charles, Missouri. I’m still trying to figure out what laws these protesters broke. While I wasn’t there, it seems to me the protesters were standing on public ground, not in traffic, therefor not impeding traffic. Having organized and attended many protests myself—and having worked with local law enforcement to make sure regulations (even mindlessly unnecessary ones) are met, so long as a protester isn’t standing in traffic, there isn’t an issue. Am I missing something here? Don’t miss the take-down-by-force at the end.

I’m going to reach out to the Missouri Highway Patrol and St. Charles law enforcement for comment.

Don’t forget: the Missouri Highway Patrol was one of the agencies who listed protesters just like the ones in this video as “militia” and potential domestic terrorists on the April 2009 MIAC report.

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