Sexual Harassment Doesn’t Matter If You’re A Democrat

So I could ask him what the title of DNC Buttkisser pays. McDermott is the resident McCaskill Defender at the St. Louis Post Dispatch and while he’s written what amounts to around a frillion headlines on Todd Akin, he’s not written so much as one column inch on the McCaskill scandals—except to try to spin her out of the sexual harassment suit his publication has worked to hide from voters.

McDermott’s logic as to why the sexual harassment suit against McCaskill’s husband’s business shouldn’t matter? Because.

No, that’s it. Just because.

This from a guy who has spun eleventy headlines out of a six-second remark.

The facts of the story, which first broke here, are that a female employee was subjected to repeated sexual harassment at the hands of her management and she was forced to leave her job as a result. It makes sense that she filed after leaving, considering that the management was party to the harassment.

Records don’t indicate any direct role by Shepard in supervising the employees involved, who worked at one of dozens of apartment complexes owned by Shepard’s company.

So because Shepard wasn’t there on a daily basis that makes it OK? What was it the First Lady so famously said during the 08 primaries?

“And my view is that if you can’t run your own house, you certainly can’t run the White House.”

It applies here, in its own way. Unless ... the rules have changed because of McCaskill’s party affiliation? You can bet the farm that if this was a business owned by Todd Akin, it would have made consistent, daily headlines.

McDermott’s article gives me the impression that somehow the alleged victim shouldn’t be believed or that somehow the case is less valid due to partisanship. Leave it to the left-leaning press to try to discredit an alleged victim of sexual harassment. Keep at that war on women, boys.

*My prayers are answered because, holla! He’s on Twitter.

If you’re going to talk about gunwalking programs, it’s helpful to know what the hell you’re talking about. Bush created Operation Wide Receiver and ended it when it looked like it could get out of hand. It was an insipid idea. Obama created Fast and Furious and then all but abandoned it. You know, because he’s not at all like Bush.

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