Scare Tactics: Obama Says USA Will ‘Go Bankrupt’ if Senate Bill Not Passed

My latest for Big Government:

So Medicare and Medicaid are about to go bust because the costs are making them unaffordable, yet Obama and Harry Reid wanted to lower the inclusion age for Medicare down to age 55 from age 65 and also reduce costs while claiming to not reduce the quality of care. What kind of math is this? Because it is AWESOME.

Actually, what isn’t awesome is that excise taxes, coupled with rationing limiting the availability of certain types and duration of care, is what (they hope! Fingers crossed!) will control costs.

If Obama and company are worried about cost all of a sudden, this must be why they immediately addressed tort reform in the bill, because, as the CBO said, doing so would save them $54 billion annually – but oh, NOPE, no tort reform. Surely, since the President and his fellow Democrats are so concerned about costs, they wouldn’t do anything reckless, like, say, shove through another trillion-dollar spending bill that includes a nice pay raise for federal workers.

Wrong again, they did that.

The Democratic party, respective to health care, is like a person who was sent into the store to purchase a gallon of milk and some butter for the evening’s meal and instead walked out with a “Gladiator” DVD, a can of Easy Cheese, and some Homer Simpson house slippers because HOW FUNNY ARE THEY?! Dems had a chance to really tackle that which is truly burdening our system and they dropped the ball. They went after insurance companies – businesses who are businesses because the last I checked, we lived in a capitalistic society – but protected the trial lawyers, the very people who drive up costs with oftentimes egregious lawsuits and make it more difficult for those who were truly affected by malpractice to receive justice. Sure, insurance companies aren’t without their their problems, but the lack of consistency costs the Democrats their validity.

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