Post-Dispatch Scoffs At Voters As Nixon Says Fed Will Override Prop E

In a recent editorial, the left-leaning St. Louis Post-Dispatch scoffs at last Tuesday’s election results and claims that a health exchange will be created regardless how the people voted.

Missourians rejected Obamacare for the second time last Tuesday by yet another landslide margin: 62% of the vote. Proposition E prohibits the Governor or any state agency from establishing a state-based health exchange in accordance with Obamacare, unless voted on by the people. Just two years ago Missourians passed Proposition C which prevented the federal government from forcing Missourians onto Obamacare and exempted them from the fines of refusal. As with Prop E, Prop C passed 3-1 in every single county in Missouri, save for Kansas City and St. Louis City.

Nixon, a Democrat known for being a wallflower as a protection for a future presidential run, said that because the state won’t act by the November 16th deadline (and Prop E bars him from issuing an executive order) that the federal government will act instead. Missouri House Speaker Tim Jones (R-Eureka) said that Nixon owes it to Missourians to request a waiver as other governors have done.

Meanwhile the St. Louis daily in a missive from their editorial board happily boasted confidence in the federal government steamrolling over Missouri voters. Behold, the limits of intellectualism:

Obamacare lives. Math works. Climate change is real. People are gay. Latinos vote.

Missouri Republicans, in their mindless zeal to oppose the Affordable Care Act at any turn, actually created a situation in which the federal government, and not the state of Missouri, will be in charge of implementing the consumer-friendly details of the law. That speaks to the bizarro-world that has defined our nation’s political culture in the past couple of years.

The newspaper begs the question that Obamacare wouldn’t be implemented had the GOP not acted. The idea that the states would manage the exchange implementation via a federally-managed law isn’t a substitute for the 10th Amendment in this issue. I’m not sure how many people are behind the “Editorial Board” byline, but considering not a single one of them identified this frosh fallacy reduces the validity of their written diatribe as a whole.

The Post’s editorial is also the most idiotic thing I’ve read today.

It turns out that the polls were right. Two plus two is still four. An African-American still lives in the White House.

And guess what? We have African-American Republican members in congress, too! The kind that the media like the Post want to pretend don’t exist. Yes, times have changed, Post Editorial Board. Blacks are leaders in the party created to oppose the party of slavery and opposition to the Civil Rights Bill.

Missourians have rejected Obamacare twice now, en masse. The Post’s position is to spurn the legislative process and the will of the people? Will Nixon demand a waiver?

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