McCaskill Redefines Sexual Assault

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill held a press conference at Soldiers’ Memorial this afternoon in order to join St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay in calling for renewal of the expired Workforce Investment Act. This federal legislation, according to Senator McCaskill, plays a vital role in helping military veterans find work when they return to civilian life after service.

A Navy veteran, friend, and Missouri District 1 Congressional Candidate Martin Baker attended the press conference and had the opportunity to ask a question. Citing the most recent DoD anonymous survey, he brought up a recent spike in military sexual assaults – most of them involving a male on male situation – and asked how the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was affecting those numbers.

Senator McCaskill’s response was multi-faceted. She first claimed that the numbers were not relevant because some of the assaults included occurred prior to the repeal of DADT. She then suggested that we would only have an accurate picture of the real numbers when the current investigation – controlled by a committee on which she sits – is completed. [In a shocking twist, those numbers are set to be released shortly after the midterm elections...] But the most telling response was the Senator’s final statement on the matter:

Those numbers are inaccurate because they don’t all necessarily reflect sexual assaults. Some of those are simply instances of unwanted sexual advances or contact.

Martin Baker, to his credit, did not laugh in the Senator’s face. He said afterward,

I’m confused. Unwanted sexual advances or contact? I thought that’s what sexual assault was.

Exactly. According to the definition used in the Uniform Code of Military Justice, Sexual Assault includes any unwanted advance or physical contact. I don’t think think that she should be allowed to sit on a committee that investigates military sexual assaults when it is abundantly clear that she is unaware of what constitutes “assault.”

This is not the first time that the good Senator has had trouble with definitions – or, in fact, with the truth. In early 2012, she released a campaign commercial on a conservative radio station in which she claimed to have fought to stop abortions. Her voting record, however, tells a different story.

Over the last ten years:

She has voted against defining the unborn as “children” for SCHIP purposes, even though that would help pregnant women get low cost or free prenatal care.
She voted against SA 607, which would have prevented financial aid given to other nations from being used to fund coerced abortions.
Some states that require parental consent for abortions also have laws preventing minors from crossing state lines to obtain abortions. She voted against the amendment that would have provided funding to enforce those laws.
She voted against an amendment that would prohibit federal funds from being dispersed to groups that either encourage or provide abortions.
She voted against the defunding of Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the United States.
She even called upon the Senate during the debate over the healthcare bill to defeat any move to embrace the tough anti-abortion language in the House’s version of the bill.


So, Senator McCaskill, was it “not assault” before it was “assault?” Did you try to “stop” abortion before you did everything in your power to make it easier and more prevalent?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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Mailbag Of Hate, Wednesday Night Edition

With love, from The Dana Show page on Facebook.

St. Louisan Jay Vines:

*An* eternity.

Las Vegas resident John Erkman, aka “uppity white liberal” whose marked forehead for Ash Wednesday is a nice touch:

I have a fascist slut? Oh, *you’re.*

While Hillary chum Sheryl Sandberg focuses on “bossy,” can we maybe look at this behavior and these words?

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Talkers’s Heavy Hundred

Well this is certainly an honor. Landing #33 on the list. A nod to the #DLRS crew our new syndicate, Radio America, and the flagship.

Read more here.

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Florida Man Shoves, Bruises Wife


Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla., is denying his wife’s accusation that he shoved and injured her during a domestic dispute over the weekend, saying through his spokeswoman that his estranged wife’s allegation is “an outright lie.”

The Orlando Sentinel reports that a judge has granted a temporary protective injunction against Grayson after Lolita Grayson filed paperwork accusing the congressman of pushing her against a door during a confrontation at their home on Saturday, causing her to fall and injuring her.

The Sentinel reports that her petition states that Rep. Grayson “showed up, unannounced” to their home and he asked to speak with her. She refused and asked him to leave. She then accuses the congressman of “deliberately and with force” pushing her “very hard against the front door, causing [her] to fall to the ground as a result,” the Sentinel reports.

Photos filed with the petition show bruises to her leg and shoulder, according to the Sentinel.

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MO Lawmaker Wants To Eliminate Self Defense

Insane. My emphasis:

Rep. Randy Dunn said he proposed House Bill 1940 after several high-profile cases around the country raised questions.

With the current Missouri law, someone can lawfully shoot someone to protect themselves from an intruder if they reasonably believe that deadly force is necessary to protect themselves. Secondly, if the person firing the gun is the legal occupant of the home. Third, the person being shot at must be making an unlawful entry.

Dunn says his proposed bill has three main provisions.

“It would require a person to attempt to retreat if at all possible when facing danger,” he said.

A defendant must also prove they had no other option than to use deadly force as opposed to the prosecution as it is under the current statue. The third provision would disallow automatic immunity from a civil lawsuit for anyone who uses deadly force or shoots someone.

Attorney Kevin Jamison strongly opposes the bill.

“I’m appalled. This is showing more regard for home invaders than home owners,” he said. “This is an absurd piece of legislation. It should be given the contempt it deserves.”

Dunn says the provision would hopefully steer people away from automatic violence.

“Being a supporter of the Second Amendment this does absolutely nothing to take away one’s right to own a gun and or to protect themselves and or their family. It just says if you can, we should find a peaceful solution instead of jumping to violence immediately,” he said.

No, this bill criminalizes a victim. The person committing “automatic violence” is the criminal committing the crime. Dunn’s bill indulgences criminal behavior and persecutes the innocent. It’s an added insult. Yes, it always works when women try to talk their would-be rapists out of sexually assault them. Heaven forbid the women use force — sorry, Dunn’s word, “violence” — to counter the non-violence of the rapist or home intruder. Defending oneself is “violent.” Criminal activity is just criminals being criminals I guess!

The message to criminals should be “If you break into a home and threaten a family, you’re going to get shot. The end.”

h/t Chad

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Will Conservatives Stop Linking To RT Now?

To wit.

Know your source.


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