On Jeff Roorda

Earlier today our news director, Jason Church, tipped me off about one of the more ridiculous pieces of legislation ever drafted, the "Thanksgiving Protection Act" from Missouri Democratic State Rep. Jeff Roorda. Roorda believes that the government should have the power to force businesses to close instead of staying open and promoting greed. He accuses businesses of luring customers in when they could be home with their families and believes that employing workers on Thanksgiving keeps them from their families. Think about this: A Democrat whose ideology is abortion and the violation of religious freedoms via Obamacare thinks it's bad to work on Thanksgiving. It's as if the most intellectually-challenged member of the Occupy movement drafted this legislation. When I pointed out the silliness of this online and lobbed some points Roorda's way, the legislator replied in his typical belligerent fashion. Known for having loudly called Missouri voters who opposed Obamacare "teabaggers" while standing on the House floor, Roorda behaved as though he was challenging me to a fist fight and responded rudely to my producer. He demanded a "debate." Feeling generous, we reached out.
From: Kevin Conrey To: "'Jeff@REDACTED'" Sent: Wednesday, December 5, 2012 1:39 PM Subject: The Dana Show Hello Sir, I am Dana's Producer for the Dana Show. Does Thursday at 12:35pm central time work? We will do the interview over the phone and what is a good number to reach you on? Thank you, Kevin Conrey Producer, The Dana Show FM News Talk 97. 1   From: Jeffrey Roorda [mailto:REDACTED] Sent: Wednesday, December 05, 2012 1:42 PM To: Kevin Conrey Subject: Re: The Dana Show Kevin, I won't do a phone interview. It's in-studio or no deal. Jeff   From: Jeffrey Roorda [mailto:REDACTED] Sent: Wednesday, December 05, 2012 1:59 PM To: Kevin Conrey Subject: Re: The Dana Show Kevin, I'm not trying to push you around but I'm not gonna let Dana hide behind the mute button on the phone when she starts losing the debate. Tell her I said if she's tough enough to lie about me on the air then she should be tough enough to interview me face-to-face. Jeff   From: Kevin Conrey To: 'Jeffrey Roorda' Sent: Wednesday, December 5, 2012 4:03 PM Subject: RE: The Dana Show Hello Sir, We are sorry you declined the interview. Thank you, Kevin Conrey Producer, The Dana Show   From: Jeffrey Roorda [mailto:REDACTED] Sent: Wednesday, December 05, 2012 4:18 PM To: Kevin Conrey Subject: Re: The Dana Show I didn't, you guys chickened out... like any bully, you can't fight on an even playing field.  
Did he think he was going to pull a move like the one he pulled here, again on the House floor wherein he acted as though he was going to fight Rep. Tim Jones? "Lie about him" on air? I challenged Roorda on Twitter to prove his accusations but he's chosen to ignore it. Roorda hasn't sponsored the "Thanksgiving Protection Act?" He didn't propose a tax on umpires for bad calls and give quotes on it? He isn't a Democrat? He didn't call people "tea baggers" as quoted by other lawmakers and various members of the media? Where exactly are these "lies?" I don't have the #1 rated talk show in my markets because I allow hot-headed progressive state congressmen to call the shots and take up my entire syndicated show. My audience outside of Missouri couldn't care less who Roorda is, except now his rudeness may make him slightly more interesting for all the wrong reasons. Additionally, I don't interview politicians in studio. Never have. It's harder to get them out when they're finished with their segment and 99% of the time they try to push to take up more of your airtime than you can give them -- this coming from other talent at my station who at times do invite politicians in studio. If Roorda expected the special treatment of an in-studio invite, he should have demonstrated the courtesy of an elected official to a Missouri constituent and behaved in a manner befitting the office. You're not going to call people "teabaggers" on the House floor, act like you're going to physically fight fellow lawmakers, accuse me of lying about you pushing a bill you push yourself on Twitter and in the local press, and send hot-headed emails to my producer and get the result you want. You also won't get anywhere using your bully tactics with me to call the shots on my program. I don't do frat behavior. Lastly, we don't have a "mute" button. I've gone several rounds with Democrats and Republicans alike on my show and I was the one who reached out to him. Roorda's projection that he wouldn't get time betrays his true intention: he wanted to act like a hot-headed blowhard towards a talk radio host. Ground and pound. Kevin was concerned since Roorda has a reputation (Roorda was fired from his job at the Arnold Police Department before being elected) and my programming director said that the congressman's behavior didn't make him feel comfortable about having him at our station. Roorda set himself with an out: demand special treatment while behaving in a manner completely undeserving of it. He didn't want a debate with me so he made sure to get out of it, which was the smartest thing he's likely ever done, but sadly concludes his 15 minutes. There is your war on women, Democrats, and your war on common sense. *UPDATE: Jimi sends this: Roorda runs from a vote. Also this exchange Roorda had with a tea party organizer.

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