Obama’s Interior Secretary Ken Salazar Threatens To “Punch Out” Local Reporter

Posted on November 13 2012 in Big Gov, Democrats

Obama Interior Secretary Ken Salazar was upset after being asked a tough question concerning wild horses and slaughter, so much so that he reportedly threatened to “punch out” the local Colorado reporter who asked the question.

After the interview , Kathrens said she tried to shake Salazar’s hand. He brushed past her, she said, and approached Philipps.


Salazar then reportedly said, “Don’t you ever … You know what, you do that again … I’ll punch you out.”

Salazar’s spokesman Blake Androff said Tuesday that, “the Secretary regrets the exchange.”

Ginger Katherns, a witness to the exchange, said Salazar had “anger issues over this particular issue.”
He also has “truth telling issues” concerning oil. Remember, Salazar is the same interior secretary who falsified reports — and by “falsified” I mean “made up quotes, stuck them in a report, and attributed the false quotes to actual scientists, who got mad in return.”
It would seem Salazar has many issues. So do other members of the Obama administration who are equally hostile when the media asks questions.

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