MotherJones Tries The Economic Angle To Advance Gun Control

MotherJones Tries The Economic Angle To Advance Gun Control

Far left entity MotherJones tries to economic angle to argue gun control this week, claiming that a lack of gun control is expensive and means people get inadequate care or something, shocking considering that Obamacare solved all of those problems, right? “How much does gun violence cost,” they ask dramatically, calling it a “public health crisis.” They claim “gun violence costs $700 per American a year.” Only stupidity costs more. That's a real public health crisis. The other crisis? A too-lenient justice system. No harsh sentences or penalties for felonies that render repeat offendersthe largest number by far behing gun homicides. Repeat felons are simply released back out into the streets. Chicago is just one example.

Our problem isn't guns. Our problem is gangs. Our problem is a breakdown in the home. Our problem is that many are not raised with a respect for life.

Furthermore, if MotherJones wants to flirt around with cost as a tactic to advance an argument, let's look at Obamacare, which they supported, claimed would cover all, and, according to this article, isn't doing the trick. Everyone forced into Obamacare foots a $50k bill for it.

The best-case scenario described by the CBO would result in 'between 24 million and 27 million' fewer Americans being uninsured in 2025, compared to the year before the Affordable Care Act took effect.

Pulling that off will cost Uncle Sam about $1.35 trillion – or $50,000 per head.

Where's the hand-wringing over that cost?

I explore all of this—with a thorough denunking—in my book Off My Gun.

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