MO State Rep. Mike Leara: “Time To Stand Up To The Bullies”

After a number of Missouri lawmakers introduced gun-grabbing bills, including the gang of four with their confiscation bill, Rep. Mike Leara pushed back by proposing to criminalize legislation that seeks to strip us of our rights. I spoke with him today on my program:

Where is the immunity of Missouri citizens from the tyranny of those who want to unConstitutionally disarm us? Leara is a stark contrast to more infamous lawmakers such as Colorado’s Joe Salazar, who opined that women were to silly to handle firearms and should just take the rape. One seeks to empower women, the other seeks to make them helpless victims. There’s your war on women.

More on Leara from members of the tea party group Gateway Grassroots:
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Laughing at leftists - they make it so easy!

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