MO Republicans Prepare Medicaid Push *UPDATED

Despite Missourians having twice voted against Obamacare in every form (Prop C passed by over 71% of the vote in August of 2012; Prop E, which bars backdoor exchanges, passed by over 60%) Missouri Republicans have filed a shell bill for Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion.

Missouri State Senators Mike Parson and Tom Dempsey are working toward a cave on Obamacare as best they can in Missouri.

Senator Parson has filed SB 456, a “shell” of legislation into which multiple sources in and around the Missouri legislator expect they’ll put an expansion of Medicaid.

Over 70% of Missourians voted to oppose implementation of Obamacare in a ballot initiative, but several people I’ve spoken to said this legislation would act as an end run around the will of the people and be focused on Medicaid, without focusing on state exchanges, mandates, etc.

The result would still be the same.

The Missouri Senate President has handpicked a committee to look at expansion of Medicaid in Missouri and Speaker Timothy Jones has set up a working group. All these acts are happening in unison and many are fearful there’ll be a coordinated rush to push through Medicaid expansion before voters can rally.

Act now to stop this effort.

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What makes this even more insane—aside from Missourians rejecting Obamacare twice by overwhelming majorities—is that Missouri Republicans have a super majority in the legislature. A number of weak Republicans are making the entire party wobble, which is the reason you’ve seen zero action from them on right to work.

Who needs Democrats with Republicans like these? If this is what we’re to expect from Republicans in Missouri, why do we even bother electing them?

Let Senator Mike Parson know you disapprove of Missouri lawmakers ignoring the will of the people.

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This is how Sen. Dempsey chose to respond.



Dempsey responds via email:

I reiterate that Senate Republicans, including myself, are very concerned about the sustainability of the Medicaid program and the effects of Obama-care upon state budgets.

I was a strong supporter and co-sponsor of Proposition C - The Healthcare Freedom Act (2010) and also supported Proposition E (2012.)

Senator Parson and I have not spoken regarding his bill, or its intent. I would suggest you ask the sponsor of the bill if you have any further questions.

To further correct misinformation, no special committee has been formed in the Missouri Senate to study the expansion of Medicaid or the Affordable Care Act

Additionally, other similar legislation dealing with Medicaid has been referred to either the Standing Committees on Health or Appropriations and I anticipate that SB456 will follow suit.

Senator Tom Dempsey
St. Charles County
District 23

I’m glad Dempsey responded differently from his tone on Twitter and am glad to see the bill may be referred to a committee that wasn’t formed to offer the least resistance when certain factions want items pushed. I did have concerns about Dempsey re Medicaid aside from the two easy propositions to support due to past remarks like this, my emphasis:

The Missouri Senate passed a bill Thursday that attempts to find middle ground in the fight over how to pay for health care for low-income, working parents.

The bill would establish a new $146 million program called Show-Me Health Coverage. A single mother with two children would be covered if she made no more than $9,155 a year - 50 percent of the federal poverty level.

No state general revenue would be needed. Benefits would be financed from a combination of federal funds and money that hospitals currently receive from the government for taking care of the uninsured.

“We can take that money and instead put it into a program that would provide preventative and wellness care for 35,000 Missourians,” said the sponsor, Sen. Tom Dempsey, R-St. Charles.

I’m glad he’s choosing Missourians over

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