Missouri Democrats’ Hypocrisy Over Leara Bill

Missouri progressives have selective memories. In April of 2009 Democrats included tea partiers, conservatives, libertarians, and basic grassroots on their MIAC report, a report warning authorities of potential terrorist threats. Apparently carrying the military-authorized Gadsen flag and dissent with the Obama administration would earn you a mention. The same Democrats who allowed (or enabled) this to happen are now crying “free speech violation!” over Missouri State Rep. Mike Leara’s bill which would make it a felony to propose legislation that disenfranchises Missourians of their Second Amendment rights.

Democrats are calling this a violation of free speech. No, pushing to strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights isn’t “free speech.” It’s tyranny. Of course, I wouldn’t expect party apologists who supported naming as terrorists their ideological opposition on a government watch list to understand the concept of free speech or any civil right.

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