Missouri Democrats’ Hypocrisy Over Leara Bill

Posted on February 20 2013 in Democrats, Missouri, Second Amendment

Missouri progressives have selective memories. In April of 2009 Democrats included tea partiers, conservatives, libertarians, and basic grassroots on their MIAC report, a report warning authorities of potential terrorist threats. Apparently carrying the military-authorized Gadsen flag and dissent with the Obama administration would earn you a mention. The same Democrats who allowed (or enabled) this to happen are now crying “free speech violation!” over Missouri State Rep. Mike Leara’s bill which would make it a felony to propose legislation that disenfranchises Missourians of their Second Amendment rights.

Democrats are calling this a violation of free speech. No, pushing to strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights isn’t “free speech.” It’s tyranny. Of course, I wouldn’t expect party apologists who supported naming as terrorists their ideological opposition on a government watch list to understand the concept of free speech or any civil right.

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