MI Prosecutor Lets Union Off The Hook In Crowder Case *UPDATE

An Ingram County Prosecutor has dropped the investigation into the on-video assault of Steven Crowder by a union member at a Michigan rally in December.

Dunnings said today the first video his office reviewed had been edited. After reviewing an unedited clip, he decided to not pursue the case.

“It’s pretty clear the person that they wanted to charge was acting in self-defense,” Dunnings said of the union member who apparently slugged Crowder.

Crowder said on Twitter later day that he suffered a minor cut to the forehead and a chipped tooth after being “sucker-punched” four times.However, unedited footage shows that the union member who apparently punched Crowder appeared to have been pushed to the ground seconds before the brawl.

It’s unclear who pushed the union member. Crowder was standing nearby and appears to throw his hands up in the air in a gesture of innocence after the man fell, the video shows.

Ridiculous. It’s insane to allege that Crowder—who wasn’t standing near the union member, who appeared to trip over his own feet rather than was “pushed,” and who had his back turned and turned with hands up in a non-threatening manner—pushed the union member. Where is Dunnings’ evidence? Why didn’t the union bring charges? Because it’s a bogus assertion.

I examined the incident frame by frame here:

Crowder is facing the AFP tent in this frame his back turned to the union protesters, including Tony.

Something is happening behind Crowder at this point as Crowder is now beginning to turn around to face the union protesters.

In this frame Crowder seems to be getting a look at what is happening behind him.

Union protesters are shouting and cheering as Steven is now turned sideways.

Steven has just now turned around in this frame and Tony is already on the ground getting up off the ground. The same picture with Tony circled for reference:

Tony is still moving to a standing position in these split seconds.

When Steven is all the way turned around his hands are clearly up:

The video continues here from this exact second.

I would like for Mackey to explain to me how Crowder knocked Tony to the ground with his back turned and hands up. I would also like for Mackey to explain to me how Crowder started any of this when earlier Tony was seen following Crowder, hitting him with his sign, and challenging him.

*UPDATED: Mackey seemed to suggest that the O’Reilly footage showed Crowder knocking Union Tony down as he charged at him. Again, hands in air, defensive posture:

Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings said he didn’t obtain the full video until he got it from a far left group which is an absolute, outright lie as the full, unedited video was posted by Crowder when he posted the edited-for-TV video. The full, unedited video was always available.

Dunnings is simply protecting the union members behind the riot which saw them destroy property, put women and children in harm’s way, and assault those who were videotaped simply asking questions. It’s an embarrassment to the office in which he serves.

If you would like to politely, and more civilly than the union thugs, express your disappointment to Dunnings, you may do so here: (517) 483-6272, sdunnings@ingham.org.

*UPDATE: The IBEW apparently believes they are owned an apology for nearly-rioting, destroying property, tearing a tent down over the heads of women and children, and punching a man on tape:

It’s sad that unions have become the very thing they were organized to fight. Their legacy, gone.

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