Media’s Anti-Second Amendment Narrative Spirals Out Of Control

Despite the best effort of anti-Second Amendment propagandists masquerading in the press behind bylines, the public isn’t moved: Gallup shows their efforts are a mega fail. No one is interested in limiting rights of the law-abiding because of what the criminals do. Barely 4% consider guns a pressing issue; they’re more concerned about the economy, jobs, and government spending.

The President took advantage of a tragedy and used it to garner increased control over civilian liberties in lieu of any real measure to protect public safety. Support for his harsher controls is already fading.

It didn’t help the propagandists’ cause when the Journal News was forced to hire a PR firm to dig itself out of its hole. The move signals that the paper may have fear over possibility liability concerning the burglary of a gun owner’s home after the address was published —and today it was discovered a second home on the paper’s list was burgled.

Other unflattering representations: Stories of gross overreactions to kindergarteners positioning their hands in the shape of pistols while playing cops and robbers on the playground make the anti-Second Amendment look hysterical. New York lawmakers were so eager to rush through tougher gun restrictions that they forgot to exempt the police from the ban. BrilliantDemocrats are now asserting (with a little selective editing) that those affiliated with the NRA are more responsible for the deaths of the Sandy Hook children than Adam Lanza. The President’s surrogates hit back at those who criticized the use of the children on stage (past props have included corpses of those killed as a result of actions not taken by the administration.)

Midterms are in less than two years and Democrats have been playing hard for the House, hence the full-on push to weaponize the very tea party they say is irrelevant as a way to divorce the base from the GOP. The fiscal battle gave them ample opportunity for this tactic but now the Democrat base wants to seize upon what they feel is a chance to erode the Second Amendment. Democrats now find themselves in a similar position as of GOP and grassroots: Obama’s directives are meaningless to do anything for increased safety and the progressive base is restless. If Obama pushes harder on Second Amendment restrictions he’ll jeopardize races in purple states. Democrats in these states, like Claire McCaskill, have gone into hiding since the subject arose. Why aren’t Republicans putting heat on this fissure? Where are the campaign trackers? Why isn’t the GOP hiring citizen journalists to get these hiding purple state Dems on the record: do they or do they not support increased limitations on the Second Amendment rights of their constituents? There is a huge split on the left over this issue. Democrats want to divorce the GOP from their base, well, here is a fabulous opportunity for the GOP to do similar.

Yet our congressional members are nowhere to be seen. If they don’t take advantage of the left’s floundering narrative and party divide, how can they be expected to fare in another, tougher match: elections? Give the public something to look towards, because this push has lost steam.

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