McCaskill: ‘Senate Control Not Important’

While campaigning in Kansas City on Monday, Sen. Claire McCaskill said that the battle for the senate isn’t “the most important issue.”

“I don’t think it’s the most important issue. Whether the Republicans control the Senate, or the Democrats control the Senate, 60 votes are going to be necessary,” she added. The moderate middle is going to have to hold, or we’re never going to get anything done.”

McCaskill took the opportunity to push the idea that she’s a moderate by claiming “This shouldn’t be about the red jerseys or blue jerseys.”

Except it is: McCaskill has voted with President Obama 98% of the time and provided the crucial 60th vote to pass Obamacare. The team with the most jerseys on the field sets the agenda. While the Senator wants Missouri voters to believe that it’s about teamwork, voters should ask: “For whose team?” The team that ballooned our debt to $16 trillion dollars? The team that passed the widely-unpopular Obamacare costing Americans over a trillion dollars? The team that hasn’t passed a senate budget in over a thousand days?

That’s neither teamwork nor moderation. It’s extreme.

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