Mailbag of Hate: Make America Great Edition

Mailbag of Hate: Make America Great Edition


I have a few friends who prefer Donald Trump as their preferred candidate. They're normal and don't respond to a difference of opinion with hysterics. I prefer (and have endorsed) Ted Cruz as I believe that he's the most consistent conservative who can win. My supporting him doesn't mean I hate the other candidates. However, when you say anything like this on the Internet, Trump's most zealous fans, Trumpkins (not to be confused with his supporters who seem perfectly fine -- minority?) come unhinged. I have collected a small few of their responses below. Most of them are newly created Twitter accounts; I have Facebook comments, emails, and some graphic Photoshopped rape-fetish images Trumpkins have created (that I am not posting here). I'll add to this post.


































Note, that was the actual headline there. 






















(Yes. When I was a kid. Remember, he ran twice and served for two terms. I was 17 during his reelection. And "worked" implies I was paid. I was a campaign volunteer, a fact that people only know because I told them years ago and included it in my last book.)

(It was a joke, and my ancestry is American Indian, Irish, and Scandinavian.)









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Mailbag of Hate: Make America Great Edition

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