Kentucky Clerk Is Simply Creating Her Own Sanctuary City

Kentucky Clerk Is Simply Creating Her Own Sanctuary City

Kentucy clerk Kim Davis is under fire for declining to issue same sex marriage liscenses based on her Christian faith:

A defiant Kentucky county clerk today once again rejected same-sex couples' requests for marriage licenses, saying she’s doing so 'under God's authority' despite a ruling by the US Supreme Court .

Rowan County clerk Kim Davis emerged from her office Tuesday morning after two couples were denied the licenses. She asked David Moore and David Ermold, who have been turned away four times, to leave. They refused, surrounded by reporters and cameras.


Mr Davis claimed that Kim has received death threats, and the couple changed their phone number, But he said he's not afraid, and he believes in the Second Amendment.

Isn't that how it goes? You compromise your beliefs in the workplace or we'll kill you.

Kim Davis is just following the rule of law as demonstrated by so many mayors and supporters of sanctuary cities. Where's the consistency?

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