Is This Supposed To Be An Apology?

Is This Supposed To Be An Apology?

It is customary when offering an apology for poor behavior that one doesn't try to justify the wrong with lies. WTVR CBS Channel 6's Alix Bryan hasn't yet learned that lesson. She issued a statement over the weekend, after she and CBS 6 modified their social media profiles to put distance between each other.

If we are to believe that Bryan acted out of the goodness of her heart, as she claims, then I'm confused. Just a couple of days ago she remarked how “awesome” fraud would be:

To address the other parts of her justification statement, it's doubly hard to trust her claim of concern considering that on the very GoFundMe page is embedded a video of my television program where we announced the fundraiser on air and the very URL in the same clip. So much for “research.”

This isn't apology and false accusations of fraud is a serious thing.

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Is This Supposed To Be An Apology?

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