Indigegogo Removes Crowder Reward Page

I received this email from my friend Ed who created the reward page for tips leading to the arrest of Steven Crowder’s attackers last week in Lansing. Over $9,000* had been raised and two tipsters first submitted the best leads thus far: @llondo and @thekytikat.

(Click to magnify in a separate window.)

Due to unusual account activity, we have frozen your Indiegogo campaign. No contributions or disbursements can be processed for your campaign at this time. Please respond to this note within 48 hours if you believe this email was received in error. We appreciare your cooperation and we look forward to hearing from you.

They were then ask why it was frozen.

Your campaign was flagged for review. Please provide the requested information so our Risk Management team can review your campaign [...] We have frozen your campaign until we can verify its legitimacy.

They then ask for personal information that was already required to create the account, with the exception of a scanned driver’s license and residency questions regarding Arizona.

It doesn’t appear that any TOS were violated and Indiegog has been very vague in their reasons as to why it was “frozen.” They have not stated whether the contributions were recorded.

I hope to have more information for you shortly.

*Correction: I previously stated over $6,000.

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