Hollywood Plans Anti-Gun Reality Show

Hollywood Plans Anti-Gun Reality Show

Bunim-Murray Productions, the company behind “Project Runway,” “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” and Bruce Jenner's new show “I Am Cait,” is casting for an anti-gun reality show. Via tipster Chris S:

The casting calls appear to have been placed on Craigslist boards in a few different cities.

Why isn't Bunim-Murray interested in speaking to the scores of people who defend their lives annually with a firearm? Like this woman? Or this woman? Or this one? Or this? Or this mom who defended herself and her newborn? Or this one? Or this man who saved a woman from a severe beating? Or this family? Or this teen?

Let me guess: Bunim-Murray doesn't want to speak with law-abiding gun owners who protect themselves with their firearms and get the full scope of the issue. Why not contact them at the email above ( castingnow@bunim-murray.com ) and politely share your experience?

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