Hillary Clinton, Woman Of The People

Hillary Clinton, Woman Of The People

Hillary and Huma shop in the Hamptons.

Hillary Clinton is attempting to blunt the rising narrative of the resurrected Security Mom and present herself as a down to earth mom who struggled, just like you!

Attempting to move past her now infamous 'dead broke' gaffe, Hillary Clinton sought to empathize with low-income women on Friday at event in Washington by opening up about the difficulties she faced as a young mother more than 30 years ago.

While making the case for Paid Family Leave and an increase in the federal minimum wage, Clinton recounted an instance when her usual babysitter cancelled on her and she had to find a last-minute replacement.

'I had many more advantages, much more support, and yet I too felt that squeeze,' she said, comparing her situation to that of other working mothers.

I'm sure these mothers would be fascinated by Clinton's tales of struggle as a law grad and eager to compare losing their children's insurance and access to specialists to the loss of a babysitter for an afternoon. The takeaway line from this Daily Mail piece is this:

Clinton reportedly spent her summer vacation in the Hamptons asking friends for advice on how to talk about economic inequality.

If she wants advice on the best way to pop a collar Clinton should talk to her Hamptons friends. If she wants insight on economic inequality, Clinton could speak to low income familes in Arkansas, Kentucky, or her Chicago hometown. I'm not sure Muffy and Buffy's inability to find a banana so as to enjoy poolside BBCs counts as a struggle. Her strategy reminds me of this (around :25 in):

Clinton has never been likeable, she never had the countenance that her husband, for his many, many faults, presents. She always seemed eager to prove herself by masculine measurements, so much so that she forgot how to reach her own sex's demo. In order for the Democrats's “war on women” theme to drag them across the threshold of victory—or medicority, if you're watching RCP and FiveThirtyEight—they have to have a likeable woman candidate. Clinton isn't it and the passage of time hasn't made her any friendlier.

By the way, I still maintain that she's nothing more than a tentpole candidate. The specter of a Hillary candidcy keeps funds coming in while she simeltaneously diverts media attention away from other potential candidates, candidates like Elizabeth Warren. This way, other candidates can politick in relative obscurity while the nation guesses Hillary's next move.

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